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Starting from the Bottom

I find myself in conversations with people that are so much better than me.  I suppose that I am lucky for having these people in my life.  They are an inspiration…  but conversing with them always leaves me feeling a bit like a failure.  One person will talk about their PhD, another will talk about how hard it is to find the right vision for their company, and then another will tell about their mission to give education to all the poor children.  Don’t get me wrong, all of this is great!  Absolutely fantastic!  BUT Then someone turns to me to ask me what I am up to and I’m like

“Well, currently I am in the process of determining the flavor of potato chip that is stuck in my cleavage.”

It was chipotle cheddar btw.

Straight up…. I have no real education, am overweight, dress like a FRUMP, um uh in between jobs, and have basically no social life.  This is not where I want to be.  I don’t think anyone wants to be here.  I love looking at ‘perfect people’. I love watching YouTube videos with the ‘perfect people’.  I love reading blogs about the ‘perfect people’.  It’s a problem really.  But comparing yourself to others doesn’t help at all.  It just makes you feel worse.  It is good to have inspiration, but let’s make sure that it is inspiration and not a trigger for self-loathing.

I have been wanting to start a blog for some time now, but I have always felt like I wasn’t ready.  Who would read it?  I have no fashion sense.  I am not healthy.  I am not successful.  If I just wait a little longer… once I get my shit together then I can start.  NO.  This is exactly why I have to start now.  I love looking up to people who have their shit together, but it is hard to put myself in their place.  I am thinking like that is them, not me.  Well, it works for them, but it can’t work for me.  But what if it could… I want to prove that it is possible to achieve your goals and that people are not just born that way.  It will be a change and take a lot of hard work, but we can do it!!     yay

please forgive my cheesy last sentence




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