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The word of the week is by far my favorite word and I think I will get it tattooed on me somewhere one day.  The word is :


Reciprocity basically means you scratch my back and I will scratch yours.  What goes around comes around.  The golden rule.  A mutual exchange.  You get the picture.

Honestly, one of the biggest problems in my life is other people not meeting my expectations.  That sounds a little horrible, but you know what, there is nothing wrong with having standards.  I am the kind of person who is willing to massage a friend for an hour so I am pretty fucking bummed when all I get in return is a shitty 5 minutes.  Or when you are really generous in bed and your partner doesn’t even try. So lame.  Or maybe a friend is coming in from out of town…so you take off work and drive 2 hours to the airport to pick them up and take them out for dinner….but when the tables are turned your friend doesn’t make any efforts for you at all and your ass is sitting on a bus.

I love this word because it reminds me that I deserve something in return for my efforts or whatever, but it also reminds me that I also need to make sure that I am doing my part.  Keeping this word in mind keeps me on my A game and helps me make sure I don’t take any crap.  Don’t treat people like doormats and don’t let yourself get treated like a doormat.