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Fredrick the Donkey

At my high school graduation, my principal told us all a story.  It was about a donkey that had fallen into a well.  I liked it quite a lot and was reminded of it today when I was watching Catch Me If You Can.  In the movie, there were two mice in some cream.  One mouse drowned to death and the other mouse wiggled so much that the cream turned to butter.  So, anyway here is the donkey story:


A donkey fell in a well.  We will name the donkey Fredrick.

Fredrick was stuck in the well for many hours while the farmer tried to figure out what to do. The farmer couldn’t figure out a way to get Fredrick out of the well.  Fredrick was an older donkey anyway, so the farmer decided to let him die in the well.  The farmer knew that Fredrick would stink after he died, so he decided to go ahead and bury Fredrick. It was too much trouble to help the old donkey.

So, the farmer began shoveling dirt into the well.

At first, Fredrick didn’t realize what was happening to him and he began to cry.  A few shovel loads later something happened.  Fredrick realized that if he just stood there he would surely die.  He looked around for a way out.  Fredrick looked up and knew that the only way out was up.  Just then a shovel of dirt hit him in the eye.  Oh that did it.  Pissed Fredrick the donkey smooth off.  He shook the dirt out of his eye and stepped on it. He shook the dirt off of his back and stepped on it.  Fredrick shook every mother fucking shovel of dirt off him and stepped on it.  He shook and stepped his way all the way up and when he got to the top, he put his dirty hoof in that farmer’s ass.  Then he left and lived happily ever after.


Okay, so that may not be quite how the principal told it, but I just had to add some personality. Anyway… sometimes, bad things happen.  We can either sit there and cry or we can shake it off.  Don’t be a dead donkey or a drowned rat.  Fight for your life.  People will try to put you down, but other people’s words do not define you.  Unforeseeable events may set you back, but they are not the end.  Shake it off, step on it, and rise to the top.